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Benefits of Tea


Benefits of Green Tea 

  • Green teais meant to helpful in several disease like-

    Decreases the cholesterol level

    Heart diseases

    Helpful in impaired immune function.

    Cancer prevention.

    Green tea provides the antioxidant polyphenolic compounds which are also called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is helpful for health benefits.

    The green tea helps in cancer prevention by killing the dangerous cells of cancer without killing any healthy cell.

    It reduces the chances of blood clotting by which chances of heart attack decreases.

    Green tea has ability of killing bacteria, which helps in avoiding food poisoning. Thus it helps in preventing tooth decay.

    Green tea drinkers have lower chances for viral or bacterial infection.

    Green tea helps in decreasing the sugar level, so it is good for diabetic peoples. One cup of green tea daily automatically controls the sugar level. Person has to do no any extra effort.

    Green tea burns the extra fat of body, thus it maintains the glucose and carbohydrate level of body and reduces the excess body weight without doing any side effort.

    Green tea is an antibacterial and antiviral agent, so it prevents in small disease like influenza.

    Green tea is very helpful kind of tea as it contains very less caffeine in compare of other normal tea.

    We are quite sure that you will make your mind to try it once. We suggest you to try it and get all advantage of it.


Benefits of White Tea

White tea is more beneficial to human health than all other known tea. The people of china are using this tea from thousand years before as a regular drink towards quick healing of wounds. The healing property of white tea comes from amount of antioxidants, it contains. From 2005-06 onwards, it become a popular drink in western countries. The side effects of this tea are nearly equal to zero.

  • Lose the fat:-

The biggest problem of today. White tea increases the metabolism rate which increases the rate of calories loosing, which helps in burning excess fat and body comes in a perfect shape. We proudly say that in weight loosing it is more effective than green tea.

  • Reduces the cholesterol:-

          We all are aware of that excess cholesterol is too much harmful to health and as well it has become a major problem of middle age peoples. The catechin of white contains an extraordinary sense to reduce the cholesterol.

  • This white tea plays a good role diet supplement too, as its catechin and antioxidants have ability to fulfill the daily diet needs which we forgets in rush of life.
  • White tea improves the artery function of body, thus it maintains the level of blood pressure.
  • White tea contains some special type of antioxidants which helps in get rid of free radicals in skin. Free radical causes a bad impact in skin as it create wrinkles, due to which skin started looking like over aged before time. White tea is quite much useful in these free radical and wrinkles problems.
  • White tea helps in cancer prevention, immune system and hair problem also at a quite perfect extent.

Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea contains a major health benefits, like-

  • Keeps the heart healthy:-

 Black tea contains antioxidant called Flavonoids, which is proved to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, and decreases the chances of heart diseases. Further it is also proved that  flavonoid of black tea reduces the clotting. Black tea contains manganese also which helps in cardiac muscle function.

  • Cancer prevention:-

The wide benefit of black tea is cancer prevention. The scientific researchers had proved that black tea helps in prostate, breast and stomach cancer. The cancer cells are killed by a compound TF-2, which is found in black tea in sufficient quantity.

  • Many studies say that bones of black tea drinkers are comparatively stronger than non drinkers of black tea.
  • Black tea improves the digestion ability also, and people generally says “Tummy fit, health hit”.
  • The limited caffeine level is found in black tea, which promotes the blood circulation in body. Also black tea helps in concentration power. One cup of this tea gives you great relax and relief of stress.
  • Many studies suggest that catechin antioxidant of black tea increase the energy level in body, and keeps you always energetic and stress free.